Logos and Signage

To reinforce the LINC Trail System branding, the design team developed the trail logo as the first component of the trail system’s identity. The logo development began by considering various graphic icons and words reflective of the geometric conditions and history of the city/county. More importantly, the logo reflects the significance for bringing together “bridging” every age, race, gender, social economic class, and ability with the trail, introducting new energy, and interconnecting between unique physical assets of Newnan/Coweta.
Primary Logo
Reversed Logo

The trail signs for the LINC Trail System are proposed as a traditional powder-coated metal post sign style.  The kiosk sign will be located at all trailheads with the secondary signs being at spur trail connections.  The primary sign along the trail will be the regulatory sign and the mileage markers.  The LINC logo will lead the final style of the sign panels and will provide overall identity for the trail system.