LINC 6 - Whitlock Park Connection


The Whitlock Park Connection LINC will connect the Shenandoah Blvd. residents to the commercial businesses along Hwy 34, Whitlock Park, the GRTA park and ride lot, and the YMCA.

The trail will follow the east side of Shenandoah Road as a side path and connect to the White Oak Creek corridor as a greenway trail. The White Oak Center shopping center will be adjacent to the trail offering opportunities for the trail users to shop and dine.

With the high daily traffic count along Hwy 34, opportunities for a separated trail crossing of the highway was assessed. The Whitelock Park Connection will have one separated crossing under the Hwy 34 road bridges over the White Oak Creek and one at-grade crossing at the existing signalized intersection of White Oak Drive/International Park.

Once the trail connects into and through the Whitlock Park, a greenway spur to the GRTA Park and Ride is proposed along with a side path along International Park road. The trail will cross back over Hwy 34 to provide a connection to the White Oak neighborhood, office/businesses, and the YMCA.