LINC 4 - Newnan Centre Connection


The Newnan Centre Connection LINC will connect Newnan Crossing Blvd to the Newnan Centre, Newnan Crossing Elementary School, and the residential neighborhoods along Highwoods Pkwy. and Shenandoah Blvd.

The trail will begin with an at-grade crossing Newnan Crossing Blvd through the signalized intersection of Summerlin Blvd. Improvements to the intersection to allow for safe bicycle/pedestrian crossing are recommended. The trail will follow the east side of Newnan Crossing Blvd as a side path to August Avenue and then become a greenway trail connecting to the south side of the creek corridor to Lower Fayetteville Road.

With the high daily traffic counts along Lower Fayetteville Road, the trail will have a separated crossing of the road through a box culvert. A spur trail and trailhead are proposed for connectivity to the Newnan Crossing Elementary School and neighborhood utilizing existing city park space and parking lot.

Once under Lower Fayettevile Road, the trail will bridge over the creek to the north side and connect through the Newnan Centre as a compliment to the planned connectivity of the facility.

A spur trail connection from the Newnan Centre to Highwoods Pkwy. is prosed for a greenway trail connection to the neighborhood. In addition, a side path along Highwoods Pkwy. to Shenandoah Blvd.