LINC 1 - East Broad Street to Greison Trail


The East Broad Street to Greison Trail LINC will connect Downtown Newnan east through CJ Smith Park to Greison Trail. Beginning in downtown at the Historic Train Depot, the existing city parking lot is proposed as a trailhead. Wayfinding signage will direct trail users into downtown along East Broad Street on the existing sidewalk as pedestrians and on-road as cyclists.

Leaving downtown, the traill will cross the active rail line within the road crossing of East Broad Street and parallel Thompson Street to E. Washington Street and the Newnan Cotton Mill property. The existing stormwater detention pond along Murray Street is proposed as a scenic destination along the trail segment. The trail is proposed as a boardwalk along the edge of the pond and for the greenspace to become additional park land for CJ Smith Park.

The trail will go through CJ Smith Park and tunnel under Farmer Street with a box culvert. Following the south side of the creek corridor, the trail segment will end at the proposed box culvert under Greison Trail. The McIntosh Parkway project will have Greison Trail closed during construction of a roundabout at the intersection. It is recommended for the city to construct a box culvert for the trail segment during the construction of the road project.